Baked Tilapia

This might be the easiest recipe, I have ever posted. Get Tilapia fillets. Liberally coat it with olive oil, crushed pepper, cumin and salt. Put in a baking tray. Drop in some onion wedges and garlic. Preheated oven. 180 C for 25 mins. Enjoy.

Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.

I was not planning on cooking but then again this is such a simple recipe… Use only boneless chicken thighs or legs. Do not use chicken breast for this recipe. This is a two stage recipe. Put boneless chicken in a pressure cooker. No need to cut it. A teaspoon of ginger garlic paste, redContinue reading “Chicken Filler for Whatever you fancy.”

Keto Chicken and Spinach

A great weeknight dinner. Light and yummy with a good load of protein in it. Chicken breast, marinated in vinegar, paprika, turmeric and salt. Preferably use a cast iron pan. Heat a little oil and place the chicken on it. Let it cook for about 4 minutes on one side and then flip it over.Continue reading “Keto Chicken and Spinach”