Tricolour Omelette

Eggs are a power house of nutrition. They are many ways to consume them and an omelette lets you make them both flavorful and colorful. You Need: One red bell pepper, cut into small pieces or grated. One Egg. Grated Cheese. Butter. Basil leaves. Heat butter and fry the red bell pepper. Keep them spreadContinue reading “Tricolour Omelette”

Greens & Eggs : Simple Keto

Make yourself a balanced keto meal with greens for fiber and eggs for protein and fat. You Need: A sliced cucumber for its soluble fiber and making you feel full. Dark leafy greens. Paste : This is simply a combination of aromatic (like cumin, fennel or mustard seeds) roasted or raw blended with fried gram.Continue reading “Greens & Eggs : Simple Keto”

Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked

A simple but beautiful breakfast or dinner. You Need: 200 grams of button mushrooms, finely sliced. Two eggs. A little salt and a little pepper. Some cheese. Olive oil or butter. Use a dish, you can serve it in. Grease it with olive oil or butter. Spread out the mushrooms. Sprinkle some pepper and salt.Continue reading “Mushrooms and Eggs, Baked”

Spinach & Egg Sandwich

You need: Garlic Bread sliced horizontally. A teaspoon of mayonnaise spread on the inside part of the sliced bread. An omelette folded to fit the bread. A tomato slice. Sauteed Spinach. Simply toss in the cleaned stems and leaves into hot butter. Cook till it’s wilted. Any excess water left in the pan can beContinue reading “Spinach & Egg Sandwich”

Cauliflower Pizza Base

You Need A small Cauliflower, grated. Processed Cheese, grated but its quantity depends on volume of cooked cauliflower. One Egg. After grating the cauliflower, wash them. Use a large strainer with plastic mesh under a tap. Then using a small plate compress the cauliflower till you squeeze out as much water as possible. Cook the Cauliflower onContinue reading “Cauliflower Pizza Base”