Tomato Sauce

I was driving back home when I spotted a truck loaded with tomatoes. They were parked by the kerb and selling these bright red beauties. Picked up 2.5 kilos for fifty rupees. Even before I reached home, I knew exactly what I would be doing with these.

I took my large 11 Liter stock pot. Filled in about three liters of water and started brining it to a boil. Scored a cross on the base of each tomato. When the water started boiling, I dropped in the tomatoes. Within 3-4 minutes the skin started curling away at the incision points. Removed the tomatoes and peeled all of them. Emptied the stock pot and once it had dried over high heat, I added a half cup of olive oil. Sautéed a chopped onion and bay leaves.

When the onions had softened up, I added the tomatoes and let them roast for a couple of minutes. Removed the bay leaves and used a hand blender to puree them inside the pot itself. Seasoned with salt and let this cook on low heat. Occasionally giving it a stir or two. Slowly and steadily the tomatoes started to reduce and the color started to change.

I added a little garlic powder, paprika and dried herbs.

When the sauce was thick enough that it no longer drip thru my perforated spoon, it is ready.

Let it cool and use for anything from Pasta’s to Pizzas.

Add in any more flavoring you want to up the taste.



Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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