Cheesy Garlic Pull Apart Bread

My kids love pizza but it takes a lot more work to roll out individual pies and bake them. So put it all together and have more time for movie time.

You can use any enriched bread dough.

This is what I combined:

  • All Purpose Flour : 150g
  • Whole Wheat Flour : 350g
  • Garlic Powder : 1 tablespoon.
  • Egg : Yolk for the dough, White for egg wash before baking.
  • Butter : 50g.
  • Sugar : 30g.
  • Salt : 10g.
  • Yeast : 7g.
  • I used Whey, the liquid left after you make paneer. But you can use milk or water in any ratio but at a weight of about 275-350g.

Filling :

  • Melted Butter : 50 g.
  • Garlic, finely grated.
  • Any herb seasoning of your choice.
  • Any grated cheese of your choice.

Make the dough and let it rest. When its doubled in size, roll it out. Spread the filling. Cut into squares or rectangles or any shape you fancy. Stack them in a pan. Let it rest for an hour. Brush with egg white. Sprinkle some seeds on top.

Bake at 180C in a preheated oven till the internal temperature is almost 200C. This can take upto 45 mins to an hour.

Let it cool before you start tearing it apart.



Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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