Semolina Rolls

We had a nice lunch and there was a few leftovers for dinner. It was barely enough for the family but it was there. This is an interesting predicament that most of us face. Do you cook another full meal or make something that is a good in-betweener.

While making the early evening tea, wondering about this, I had an idea.

Combined together:

  • 300 grams of Semolina.
  • 100 grams of All Purpose Flour.
  • 40 grams of Honey.
  • 40 grams of Butter.
  • 8 grams of Salt.
  • 3 grams of yeast. Most people will need 7 grams but my kitchen is super saturated with wild yeast so I use just this much.
  • 220 grams of whole milk.

Make it into a shaggy mess and leave it for about 20 minutes. This gives enough time for the semolina to get hydrated and start melting.

Transfer to a kneading surface. If it appears that the dough is very sticky and unwieldly, rub some all purpose flour on your hands and start working it. Knead till it passes the window pane test.

Proof the dough till its almost doubled.

Shape it into whatever you want. I tried my hand on a 5 braid Challah. But you can make any shape you want.

Once properly rested, pop it into a preheated oven at 180C for about 30 mins. An egg wash before it goes inside will give a very tasty crust to complement the sweet and soft crumb inside.

As planned after dinner, hot bread out of the oven with butter melting on it is the perfect dessert.



Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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