Crispy and Juicy Chicken Fry

Read on for a simple hack.

You Need:

  • One boneless chicken breast cut into one inch pieces.
  • Turmeric, a quarter spoon.
  • Red Chilly Powder, half a teaspoon.
  • The juice of one lemon.
  • Cumin Powder, one teaspoon.
  • Coriander Powder, one teaspoon.
  • Garlic Powder, half a teaspoon.
  • Ground pepper.
  • Salt as per taste.
  • Oil for frying.

If you use more chicken breasts, simply increase the other ingredients by the same ratio.

Mix everything except the pepper and leave aside for 10-15 minutes.

Heat oil and add in chicken. Don’t over crowd the pan. So you may need to do this in batches. Cook on medium heat for about 6-7 minutes. Drain the pieces before removing from the pan by holding them above it with a slotted spatula.

When you are down to the last batch, you need to do two things. Start heating a nonstick pan. After the last batch has been frying in the oil for 6 minutes, add all the pieces into it.

Start removing the chicken from the hot oil and put it into the non-stick pan. This will allow the chicken to brown much better and get a crisper edge. The total cooking time has not gone beyond the point of overcooking.

You will get juicy (perfectly cooked) chicken without any extra coating coming in from flour or cornstarch.

One additional tip, save some for yourself before serving your family.


Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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