Fish with Grapes Salsa


I think a good fine dining restaurant will charge you about 500 rupees for this plate without including the taxes. It cost me less than a 150 rupees to make 3 such plates.

For the fish:

Mackerel: 3 fishes, cut open length wise. One side has bones, the other is boneless.

Pat it dry. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Pan fry. To keep the skin safe, do NOT try to move the fish. When the skin is ready, it will leave the pan on its own. Wait for that moment and use very gentle force to flip it over.

For the salsa:

Grapes. Seedless are easier to use but the real taste is in the one’s that have seeds. Halve them. Remove the seeds. If a few come in, does not matter. They add a nice crunch and contrary to popular myths are safe to eat.

Mix in chopped coriander and green chilly. You can adjust the quantities as per your choice.

Keep the dish the salsa in at an angle, so the excess water can drain away.

Dine in style right in your home.


Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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