Kidney Beans with Paneer

You need:

  • Two cups of dried Kidney Beans. Soaked overnight in water. Washed and drained.
  • One cup of crumbled paneer.
  • One Yellow or Red pepper, diced.
  • One Tomato chopped.
  • A teaspoon of Red chilly powder.
  • A quarter teaspoon of turmeric.
  • Some coriander powder.
  • Lots of chopped Coriander. Both stems and leaves.
  • Five to six cloves of garlic, roughly chopped.

Wash the kidney beans before you pressure cook them for at least 20 minutes. The water they are pressure cooked in, must be discarded. Do not add salt when pressure cooking them. Salt will cause their skin to tighten and prevent them from getting soft.

In a pan, heat some oil. Saute the garlic, yellow pepper and paneer. Add the turmeric, red chilli powder and coriander powder. Use the chopped tomato to de-glaze the pan. Season with salt.

Mix in the cooked kidney beans and Coriander. Let it simmer for about 6-7 mins.

Tip: use tofu if you want to keep it vegan.

Enjoy a very colorful Monday protein kick.


Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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