Chicken with Carrots and Scallion


This is yet another cooking hack for tender chicken breasts.

You Need:

  • Chicken breast: Marinated in olive oil, garlic paste, pepper and salt.
  • Carrots : Sliced into rings.
  • Scallion or Spring Onions : Chopped really small.

Take a large and heavy pan. Get it hot. Like really hot but not smoking hot. Keep the breast, smooth side down. It will sizzle away and start cooking. The color will slowly start changing. Now the pan has a lot of empty space. All that heat needs something else the pan will go bad. Spread out the carrot rings. They will protect the pan. Don’t add all the carrot rings. Just what you need to protect the pan.

When the color the chicken breast has changed by more than 80%, flip it over. Now we did not pound the chicken breast into an even shape. So under the thinner side, simply slide in a carrot ring or two.


The chicken is cooked when its juices are clear or the internal temperature crosses 70C. Remove the chicken and let it rest.

Add the chopped scallions and the remaining carrots. Mix well and cook on high heat till its done. Season with pepper if you like it a little spicy.

Enjoy a very juicy and healthy meal.

Note : You can replace the carrots with beets and the scallion with any greens of your choice.


Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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