Microwave Eggs

You need:

  • A microwave safe mug or ramekin.
  • A pinch of butter.
  • Two eggs.

Butter the ramekin. Crack in two eggs. Break the yolks and mix them in very carefully. Use very little force and do it for less than a second or two. We don’t want to get air inside. If air gets in then it will explode and make a mess.

Microwave for a min. It’s best if you use vented microwave cover on top of the dish.

Two eggs take a minute in my 700 watt microwave. Individual cooking times may vary. When time runs up, very carefully check the eggs after letting them cool for about 4 mins. If there is a little liquid, microwave again for about 15 seconds and check.

To make a good sandwich, cut the eggs into two rings. Bread, egg ring, cheese, egg ring, bread.

Ketchup if you like it.



Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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