Cement Mixer Cake!


Every birthday we have a choice.

Contact some talented baker and get the perfect cake or make it a fun activity and involve the kids in baking their birthday cake.

My wife and I choose the latter option. Earlier this year we made this adorable Princess Cake for our daughter. This time we asked our boy what would he like. He chose his Cement Mixer Truck!!!!

Challenge Accepted.

We baked two cakes. One was round and the other is a rectangle. The rectangle forms the base of the cake and is left untouched.

The first cut in the round cake was along the red lines. The distance between the red lines was equal to the width of the rectangle cake.

first cut

Kept the two semi circles on top of the rectangle cake as an ellipse.

The remaining cake from the now cut up round cake was cut into pieces to become the cabin of the truck, a wedge kept at the rear of the truck to hold up the ellipse. The remaining cake was placed on top of the ellipse to give it height. Every pieces was stuck to the other by using butter cream. Before that a little drizzle of sugar syrup to keep the cake moist.


Once the crumb coating is completed, leave the cake in a fridge for a couple of hours.

For decorating the cake you can either go crazy with more cream or simply break small chocolates and arrange them like the windscreen and decals. The wheels are Oreo cookies.

A simple cake that tastes amazing and since the kids are also involved in making it…becomes a fantastic memory.

Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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