Eggless Princess Cake


Limited experience baking but when my daughters birthday came up, we decided to try and make a princess cake.

This is a simple breakdown of how amateurs can make a simple and pretty cake.

There are two pressure cookers  and one oven in my house.

So we made three cakes using:

The chocolate cooker cake was made in a dish shaped like this:


Once baked and cooled we levelled them and made a small hole in the middle of the cakes.

Prepared a simple sugar syrup. Its just 2 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in 1 cup of water while heating it on a stove. Once the sugar has dissolved, cover the dish and switch off the heat. Let it cool down.And add vanilla essence.

Beat the Creamy Vanilla Icing using a silicone spatula

Take two tablespoons of milk and dissolve bright red food color into it. Add it to the icing and mix it well.

The cake baked in the oven is the base. Pour some sugar syrup on it. Then using the spatula apply the icing on top. Now the soft cake and icing don’t immediately stick. So the trick is to take a bit in the spatula. Let it hold on for a moment or two and then pull the spatula. Its not very complicated and you will figure it out as you do it.

Place the vanilla cooker cake on top. Pour sugar syrup Apply icing on its top.

Now place the final chocolate cooker cake on it so that the shape of the cake is ready.

The cakes will not exactly match up. So do a bit of trimming using a sharp knife. Finally apply the icing all over the sides of the stacked up cakes.This is crumb coat.

Think of this icing as a plaster on a dry wall. Its purpose is to hold the cakes together and give a smoother base for the final coat.

Now put the cake in a fridge and leave it overnight or a couple of hours.

Prepare a creamy vanilla icing and a regular butter cream icing. For regular butter cream simply beat butter till its really smooth and then add icing sugar:


You cannot use powdered sugar. This icing sugar contains maize starch, which helps in holding the shape of the butter cream.

The creamy vanilla icing is colored pink. This is firmer than the regular butter cream we will use without color.

Now make rings around the cake in pink. Use an applicator. If you don’t have it then use a plastic ziplock bag. Keep the cake in the fridge for at least 30 mins before applying the butter cream. The softer butter cream will be gripped in place by the pink rings.

Place the doll in the hole after wrapping it with cling film.

There is no limit to the designs you want to try out.

Its a lovely and fun way to celebrate a special day.


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A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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