Fava Beans with Chicken


Saim ki phali as they call in Hindi has many names in English. Some call it broad beans others call them snow/snap peas. I like the name Fava so I will stick with it.

Remove the edge by cutting the top and pulling the strings out. If left these can make the texture go horribly wrong.

I pulled the chicken breast out of my freezer and it was frozen stiff. Now a lot of people use the microwave to defrost, but I hate it. For one I use the microwave to reheat cooked food. I am very paranoid about putting in raw chicken inside and heating it up. Also something as delicate as a chicken breast will dry out and taste like cardboard if it overcooks.

So cutting them into small pieces and holding them in a colander under running water does the trick.

Heated ghee and a little oil. When it was hot enough added minced garlic and black peppercorns. I used a lot of pepper because I like it. You can adjust accordingly.

Add the fava beans and cook till they are tender. Move them to a side in the pan and add the chicken now. Since its cut its very easy to follow the color changes as it cooks. Season the beans with salt and the chicken with pepper.

Once the chicken has cooked, mix them together.

This way you don’t get overcooked chicken and raw beans.

Mix them really well and serve hot.

With about 18gms of carbs in 100 gms of fava beans adjust accordingly for Keto.


Published by Imran

A s/w engineer by profession, I cook for my family.

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